What I Eat while Traveling & First Ever AirBnb

What I Eat while Traveling & First Ever AirBnb

Welcome to another what I ate Wednesday post! Every Wednesday I try my best to post about what I ate as a busy vegan, to show others that eating a plant based diet is not only easy, but also delicious and nutritious!

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Get some more tips on traveling vegan in this post: Best Vegan Travel Snacks

What I Eat While Traveling - Vegan - Tempe AZ

How We Traveled: AirBnb

I wanted to share how we traveled to Tempe as well! It was our very first experience with AirBnb and it was quite pleasant! I was impressed with how comfortable we felt while staying in someone’s home. We will definitely be using AirBnb again in the future!

If you’re thinking of planning a trip, they also offer events and activities just like groupon! It’s so affordable and definitely worth a thought before booking your next trip! Check it out for yourself!

What I Eat While Traveling - Vegan - Tempe AZ

What I Ate in Tempe, AZ

9:00 am Breakfast

We started off our day by using the Happy Cow App to find a great breakfast spot! We found this amazing little 100% vegan café just a few minutes south of ASU campus. It’s called 24 Carrots, you can check their website here.

I got the french toast and Tony (my husband) got their breakfast burrito with tofu and veggie bacon! Everything was amazing and very reasonably priced. I also loved that all their products were locally sourced and organic! YAY!

Here’s what my french toast looked like… It was covered in pumpkin seeds, granola, cranberry sauce and bananas!

What I Eat While Traveling - Vegan - Tempe AZ

12:00 pm Lunch

After breakfast we hiked around ‘Hole-in-the-Rock’ and really worked up an appetite. I used the Happy Cow app again to find an AMAZING all vegan restaurant!  It’s called Green New American Vegetarian and has a 100% plant based menu.

We ordered the buffalo wings for a small appetizer and they were amazing! They came with this homemade vegan ranch which WAY better than regular ranch, like by far. I ordered the ‘bff’ which was like a crispy chicken sandwich with avo and vegan cheese! Tony had the philly cheese steak (yes all vegan) and were were both so completely satisfied with our choices!

After the meal, we heard they have vegan soft serve! YAS!! We got a small bowl of that to share and I actually couldn’t tell a difference from the last time I had dairy soft serve back in college! If you are ever in the Tempe area PLEASE check out this place!

What I Eat While Traveling - Vegan - Tempe AZ

4:00 pm Light Dinner

We started to get a little hungry around 4:00 and needed something to eat. We were heading to the Tempe Marketplace anyways to grab a few things from Target and found this amazing juice and salad bar in the shopping area! It’s called MAD Greens 🙂

I ordered a salad with tofu, chickpeas, roasted corn, tomatoes, onions and a balsamic vinaigrette. It was exactly the fresh and light meal that I was looking for. Ended up taking this green juice to go.

What I Eat While Traveling - Vegan - Tempe AZ

8:00 pm Leftovers

So, there’s this place on Mill Avenue (which is like restaurant and bar central and super close to ASU campus) called Ike’s Sandwiches. I believe we have one somewhere in the Minneapolis area which I will NEED to start going to more often!!

They have a very large vegan menu including this vegan meatball sub! It even came with Daiya cheese!! We picked this up on our way back from happy hour knowing we would need something if we wanted to ‘go out’ on Mill Ave later that evening 😉

What I Eat While Traveling - Vegan - Tempe AZ

We ended our night with a few too many long islands and some fun dancing! Definitely going to back to Tempe, AZ soon. We enjoyed seeing my little sister (who attends ASU) and visiting my grandparents. It makes me so happy that most places are so accommodating to the diet choices of others and it’s only going to get easier as time goes on!

What I Eat While Traveling - Vegan - Tempe AZ

Thank you for following me through another what I ate post! Don’t forget to watch the video on YouTube!

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