I’m becoming obsessed with little home renovation projects to create a high vibe life and beautiful space. In this edition on Simply Home, I get to show off our new zero-waste inspired pantry!

Zero-Waste Inspired

After participating in Futuristic February this year, I was inspired to create less waste and lead a lifestyle that is a close to zero-waste as a can. Don’t get me wrong, there are still so many things I can do to better to live a zero-waste life and I’m working every day to get closer.

This new pantry will be a huge motivation for me to create less waste in my kitchen! I am transitioning to more glass jars to fill with dry goods and stop buying everything in those convenient plastic bags.

zero waste pantry

Jars & Labeling

First thing’s first, start saving your glass jars! There are so many things that come in decent glass jars that you probably already get. Pasta sauces, peanut butters, pickles, sauerkraut, coconut oil, etc. Wash and save these for future use. They also make great herb potters and even drinking cups!

I also would recommend stocking up on some larger mason jars. You can easily find these at most grocery stores or just order them on Amazon. I used these wide mouth jars for most items like seeds and nuts. I also these XL wide mouth jars for our most used foods like rice and beans.

Below is an image the PERFECT labeler and super affordable. I ordered this Dymo one from Amazon. The labels are easily pulled off to you can re-use the jars for future use!

zero waste pantry

How to Fill Your Jars

I am still transitioning through some items I need to use up, as you can see (pictured below). But you can fill most of your jars at the local grocery store’s bulk section! If you don’t have a local co-op near you, look for places like Sprouts, Fresh Thyme, Cub Foods, and Whole Foods which will always have the option to buy in bulk.

Make sure you know the weight of your jars before you bring them into the store. It’s a good idea to weight your jars beforehand because then the cashier can take that into account when ringing you up. It’s also a good idea to label your jars with their weight so that you don’t have to keep in weighing them.

TIP: if you don’t have a small food scale at home, take some time to weigh your items with a cashier. They would be happy to tell you how much everything weighs, you might just have to wait in line for a few minutes!

zero waste pantry

Stock up on Produce

Product is almost ALWAYS zero waste friendly! The couple things you have to watch out for are buying berries in plastic containers, and those stickers on your fruits. I’m hoping there is a compostable sticker option that comes out soon!

Make sure to bring your reusable produce bags for things like greens, onions, and tomatoes. These are the ones I use! I also like to use these reusable silicone bags for freezing fruits and veggies!

zero waste pantry

My Experience with Home Renovations

So far the homeowner experience has been a bumpy ride! We have spent a lot of extra time and money on things that we didn’t expect. If you follow me on Instagram @educating.earthlings you may have heard about our fridge fiasco! It was crazy…

We also had to get a new wash and dryer right when we moved in because they broke down. We always choose the most energy efficient appliances that will save the most water and electricity as we can.

I will keep posting these little home projects on here so you can see more of my personal life! I love hearing your feedback when I share more lifestyle posts like this one. Please drop a comment below if you have any more tips on making your kitchen zero-waste!

zero waste pantry

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